Portfolio Company DNA

Our Cybersecurity VC Investment Strategy

From established companies looking to level up to early and growth-stage investments, we help promising companies at all stages unlock the next level of growth and shape the future of cybersecurity.

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Mission Focus

Empowering entrepreneurs to succeed with the critical capital, right connections and unparalleled access to the best across cybersecurity.

Specialized Investment Partners

Passionate founders come to Ten Eleven to accelerate their innovation and bring purpose-built products to the cybersecurity market. We provide stage-agnostic, global investments in the cybersecurity companies building and securing our digital future.

Who and what we invest in

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Founders with Vision, Passion & Know-how

We invest in seasoned teams with deep cyber experience and true understanding of the technical basis, unique value and target audience of their company offerings.

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Growing & Emerging Markets

We invest in what’s next for cybersecurity and look to partner with companies who are thinking ahead of the pack to deliver next-gen products and services.

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Truly Innovative Products

We want big ideas and innovative new products designed to fill critical market gaps or drive convergence of complementary segments in new ways.

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A Vision for the Road Ahead

Cast your vision and share your plan for the change you’re trying to make or what you want to achieve in the next 3-5 years with your company.

Think You’re A

Tell us about your company and let’s talk.

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Press Inquiries?

Ten Eleven companies benefit from the deep bench of specialized operational experience and broad perspective of our investment team, and an established, trusted network of industry leaders that offer customer connections and critical support to drive growth.