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Funding the future at every stage.

Cybersecurity VC specialists obsessed with helping truly great companies succeed.

Security is an Insider’s Game.
Ten Eleven is Your Competitive Edge.

Ten Eleven exists to provide high-value, cyber-focused counsel, capital and connections to brilliant security entrepreneurs. We understand the unique problems security entrepreneurs face because we’ve been there and seen what really makes the difference. We know our own successes have been built upon the opportunities and advice afforded to us, and we’re here to help the next generation of leaders rise and thrive.

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Founded by Insiders.

Obsessed with Innovation.

Decades spent deep in the trenches of cybersecurity has created the deep bench of experiences, relationships and specific domain expertise that we’re passing along to the next wave of security innovators.

By asking the right questions, giving the right advice, making the right introductions and opening the right doors, we’ll help you build the strongest company in less time with less capital.

Why Ten Eleven

We bring the domain knowledge that helps companies dominate.

Focused Solely on Cyber

We understand the journey and unique challenges of cybersecurity entrepreneurs, because we’ve traveled the same path ourselves. We love partnering with exceptional entrepreneurs to build cyber companies that make a meaningful difference.

We evaluate ideas on merit, not origin.

Global Scale and Perspective

We routinely travel worldwide to vet promising investment opportunities and believe the next great cyber technologies will come from multiple cyber hubs around the world. We intentionally strive to diversify investments equally between Silicon Valley and the rest of the United States and across Europe and Asia.

We invest in cybersecurity companies at all stages.

Funding Great Ideas at Any Stage

We will invest at the Series Seed, A, B, C, D and beyond.

We know the operational foundation companies need to scale.

Experienced Company Builders

Ten Eleven’s partnership model combines an in-house company-building team and an advisory team of C-level executives that help you think ahead, think through and execute on exactly what you need to do at every step of your company growth journey.

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