About our approach

Here are some answers to the most important questions we get asked.

What is our industry or sector focus?

We focus solely on investing in cybersecurity. After spending years in the trenches of this industry, we’ve collected a rich library of experiences, relationships and specific domain expertise to pass along to the next wave of innovators. Our hope is that by asking the right questions, sharing our experiences, making introductions and opening the right doors, we can help you build a stronger company in less time with less capital.

What is our geographic focus?

We take a global perspective to our investment strategy and judge ideas on merit, not origin. Though we have offices in Silicon Valley, Boulder, Boston and the UK, we travel worldwide to meet entrepreneurs.

At what stage do we invest?

We invest in cybersecurity companies at all stages, from seed to late stage growth.

What does the investment process look like?

After we’ve received your materials, we evaluate your company’s fit against our investment strategy. From there, we arrange a first meeting to get to know each other better and to tell you more about Ten Eleven. If there’s a good fit, we will continue our conversations and head into diligence. Different people from our team can be present in these follow-up calls. This process can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months. Regardless of the outcome, we have an incredible amount of respect for founders, sincerely appreciate the time fundraising takes, and are happy to share our feedback and advice.

How does Ten Eleven support portfolio companies?

We are seasoned partners and have led and advised the development of dozens of successful security companies. We support our companies as long term partners and as required, we aggregate our resources – ranging from our personal networks to sector-specific expertise – to help our partner companies succeed and follow in the footprints of prior success stories.

How should I get in touch with Ten Eleven?

We greatly value referrals from people we know and like. However, good ideas can come from everywhere, so do not hesitate to reach out to us via our contact page.

How much capital does the firm manage?

As of 2022, Ten Eleven has raised over $1Bn across all Ten Eleven funds.

How active are we as a firm?

We are actively investing out of our latest fund of $600M (closed in 2022).

What are some unique benefits of partnering with Ten Eleven?

  • Deep industry knowledge and cyber expertise
    • Cyber market awareness and understanding of highly nuanced sub-sectors
    • Awareness of market size, projected growth, and regulatory direction
    • Connected with the industry’s best players
    • Able to provide deep technical/product analysis; understanding of prior and future security architectures and incumbent tech challenges
    • Experience with and knowledge of various liquidity paths
  • Investor in seed through growth stage funds
    • Ability to make follow-on investments
    • Joint Investment Alliance with KKR for growth-stage investments
  • Global perspective and team
    • Offices in US and UK
    • Investments in US, Canada, UK, Europe, Israel and Australia
    • Global GTM partners
  • Consistent, high-value portfolio support
    • Connected with specialized cyber talent
    • Deep network of CEOs, industry influencers, industry bankers, and PE investors
    • Knowledge about cyber-specific GTM strategies

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