Vision & Approach

One Focus

Trust and security hold the key to our digital future. Ten Eleven invests in the companies who are securing that future for us all.

Our Approach

Invest in great people


We back great founders who are building something truly exceptional.

Invest at any stage


We’ll partner to help companies at any stage take it to the next level.

Invest globally


We zoom out from the core startup hubs to diversify our capital investments around the world.

Embrace the challenge


We take on big, technically difficult challenges when the vision and impact is worth it.

Partner with the best


We’ve got an engaged ecosystem and high-value network of cybersecurity leaders ready to help our companies grow.

Create value for the long-term


We plug our companies into talent networks to scale and a community of design partners and executives to help develop, deepen and accelerate their cyber offerings.

Enjoy the journey


We understand the road to growth is a marathon but we also know it’s a heck of a fun ride when you’ve got the right partner.

Two businessmen smiling

Our Story

Founding the Original Cybersecurity VC

Back in 2014, founders Alex and Mark thought there should be a cybersecurity VC specialist that was global, stage-agnostic and rooted in deep operational expertise and decades of experience in cyber. Over seven years later, we’ve seen firsthand how transformative this approach is for our companies.