Boston, Massachusetts

You’re an expert in cybersecurity.
But what about business operations?

It can happen faster than you think. Market momentum catapults your customer base from 20 to 200, and now you’re scrambling to keep up. Enough dancing around the inevitable — it’s time to hire a CMO. So, you start looking.

It’s bleak. Finding a CMO is one thing. Finding a CMO who can speak about packet entropy and sales funnels with equal confidence is another.

So what’s the next move?

Do you go with the “marketing guy” and hope that your new hire picks up a solid understanding of asymmetric cryptography along the way? Or do you go without and pray your sophomore year Fundamentals of Business class will keep you afloat a little while longer?

We get it.

At TenEleven, we understand the unique problems you face as a security entrepreneur because we’ve been there ourselves.

Our mission is to provide counsel, capital and connections to tomorrow’s brilliant security entrepreneurs — much like those opportunities were afforded to us. Security is an insider’s game.

Let us be your competitive edge.

Founded by Insiders

After spending years in the trenches of the cybersecurity industry, we’ve collected a rich library of experiences, relationships and specific domain expertise to pass along to the next wave of innovators. Our hope is that by asking the right questions, giving the right advice, making the right introductions and opening the right doors, we can help you build a stronger company in less time with less capital.

Specialty Focus on a Global Scale

We judge ideas on merit, not origin. Though we have offices in the Silicon Valley and Boston, our founders routinely travel worldwide to vet promising investment opportunities. We strive to divide our investments equally between the Silicon Valley, the rest of the United States, and Europe and Asia.


Funding Great Ideas at Any Stage

We invest in cybersecurity companies at all stages. While our primary focus is on Series A and Series B rounds as the first venture capital investors, we co-invest with private equity firm KKR in many growth-stage investments as well.