Why We Invested in Silent Push

Everyone working in cyber security is confronted with the reality that we remain in an era of exploding complexity and scale of the things that we need to protect, and the attacks that we face. Yet few security innovations are force multipliers, and in general, new security breakthroughs are incomplete, work in relative isolation, and even when they integrate into our existing security architectures – they don’t supercharge those existing architectures or our working practices.

Silent Push stands out as a company that is born out of mature real-world experience at scale, as well as a drive to make everything practitioners need to do better, quicker, and easier.

The Silent Push platform actively maps out the entire internet every day. It provides the most comprehensive view of global internet-facing infrastructure anywhere in the world. Anything else is partial.

What does a complete and up-to-date view of the internet, in an API, allow you to achieve?

  • Accurately contextualize everything happening in all your security tooling & processes. Make every alert and data point more understood and more actionable.
  • See, and block, criminals creating attack infrastructure prior to them hiding it behind providers such as Cloudflare and well before they are launching attacks.
  • See your real organizational attack surface.
  • See use of your brand across the internet.
  • See targeted brand abuse/phishing campaigns being created.
  • Compare the visibility of threat intelligence feeds and spot gaps in coverage and timeliness.
  • And for many customers, start ripping out products with partial feeds that aren’t meeting real needs.
  • There is also the opportunity to use this data to power cyber products

This is tooling for the more advanced cyber security teams in the world, especially those that can’t rely on partial and out of date intelligence due to the threats that they face.

The company is in safe hands with repeat entrepreneurs Ken and John most latterly coming out of organizations like FireEye/Mandiant who felt that threat intelligence needed a reworking from first principles and have delivered Silent Push accordingly. We at 1011 are delighted to announce an investment leading Ken and John’s seed round and thrilled to be on this journey together.

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