Why we Invested in Red Access

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As cybersecurity specialist investors, the team at Ten Eleven is acutely aware of the risks that employees face every day by accessing the web. As remote work grows, more employees depend on their personal untrusted devices and SaaS (Software as a Service) tools accessed through web sessions to complete their work. This trend has become known as the “browserization” of modern app architecture. As these behaviors and “browserization” accelerate, insecure web sessions as a threat vector have become of increasing concern for CISOs (Chief Information Security Officers) and security departments. 

Correspondingly, the landscape of companies providing secure web session solutions has been growing more active. Various companies have emerged with different approaches to the problem, including Secure Web Gateway providers (SWG), secure access service edge (SASE) providers, browser isolation providers, and secure enterprise browser providers. Despite emerging options, vendors have struggled to find the right mix of user experience and security to enable a safe and successful web session. After extensive market analysis, we believe Israel-based Red Access has developed a truly innovative approach that can beat all alternatives, providing companies with an easy way to secure web sessions with no cost to employee user experience. Today, we are proud to announce our Series Seed funding in this exciting new company.

Red Access is developing a web protection platform that focuses on securing web sessions regardless of device or browser, protecting against browser-based exploits and threats without disrupting companies’ existing infrastructure, browser preferences, or user experience. The technology protects users from potential malware and other threats by monitoring the network’s traffic without redirecting browsing to a cloud-based host. It integrates easily into any device, browser, and session – no new browser download is required. Users cannot tell the difference – it is business as usual for them, but without the risk. Security teams can feel comforted they have a comprehensive way of addressing insecure browsing.

User experience issues have traditionally been quite common to browser isolation products and have slowed the adoption of these technologies. The latency and delay issues these products are known for regularly frustrating users. New “enterprise browser” solutions require users to download new technology and change their behavior, forcing them to move away from browsers they already like. Employees do not want to make a trade-off for security versus their preferred browser, already integrated with plugins, connected accessories, and saved passwords they count on. The partners at Ten Eleven have been around long enough to know that changing user behavior is challenging. That is why we prefer the approach that Red Access is taking, integrating seamlessly into any browser, for any web session, at any time. We are calling it “BYOB” – “bring your own browser.” We think security departments and employees alike will prefer the simple, seamless solution Red Access offers.

Not only is the technology at Red Access exciting, but so is the team. CEO and Co-Founder Dor Zvi leads Red Access with an impressive background behind him as an Israeli intelligence veteran and former lead security engineer at SoleBit (acquired by Mimecast). We are also pleased to participate in this funding round with the team at Elon Ventures, a premier Israeli venture capital firm. Red Access marks our first investment together and we look forward to a fruitful partnership in the years ahead.

We believe in Red Access’s approach to protecting every desktop and mobile web app session across all browsers and user devices. We expect that our investment and ongoing support will help them dramatically accelerate product development, go-to-market motions, and U.S. expansion. There is a very bright horizon ahead for this company, and we are thrilled to be riding towards it with them.

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