Why We Invested in Cyware

Today we’re delighted to announce our investment in Cyware. This New York-based company integrates next-generation, cloud-first SOAR with real-time threat intelligence in a completely innovative way. With its virtual Cyber Fusion platform, the company provides a new level of visibility, insight, and actionability to its rapidly expanding customer base. We believe Cyware is at the early stages of a tremendous, global growth story – helping a vast number of security professionals strengthen their SOCs and focus resources on responding to the highest priority threats.

Fundamentally, we invested in Cyware because it represents a unique combination of technology and team.

On the technology side, Cyware is disrupting traditional SOAR solutions as the only provider of the technology behind its virtual Cyber Fusion platform. Cyber Fusion enables security professionals to utilize a unique type of shared threat intelligence coupled with automation and threat response. An exciting proof point for the Cyber Fusion approach is the traction found within the ISAC community (12 ISACs are current customers, with more on the way). The ISACs have seen great benefit in Cyware’s purpose-built technology for rapid threat sharing to help enable their laudable mission of collective security and making our society safer.

On the team side, we could not be more excited about the individuals running the company. CEO and co-founder Anuj Goel is an experienced cybersecurity leader with almost a decade of experience at Citi, most recently as the Head of Global Cyber Strategy. While at Citi, Anuj led the programs to detect cyber threats and “lived” the customer problem that his team is working to solve today. We’re also really excited to work with Cyware’s CMO, Tom Bain, again. Tom previously was at our portfolio company CounterTack, now GoSecure. We’ve always valued our long-term relationship with the go-to-market team members as key to a company’s acceleration. Marketing cybersecurity is often a difficult challenge, and we are thrilled that Tom is here to help the team on this side of the equation.

We’re joined in this investment with the team at Advent International and previous strategic backers at Tanium and ZScaler. Cyware also has an incredible group of senior advisors helping them in their mission, and they add more talent to their global team every day. Ten Eleven is very excited to be part of this journey as Cyware moves to the next stage of its mission to help security professionals defend against threats with their Cyber Fusion platform.

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