What’s on the minds of Cybersecurity Marketers for 2022?

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We surveyed the cybersecurity marketing community in to listen to their biggest victories and challenges in 2021, and their predictions for 2022.

The past few years have been both a time of challenges and growth for the cybersecurity market. Global changes put a focus on the need for our industry, creating vast opportunities for innovation and growth. At the same time, workforces struggled to adapt to the same new and emerging norms that called for our services in the first place.

A lot of focus gets put on the product teams and developers (and rightly so) who quickly built solutions to keep the world running safely. But we wanted to recognize and herald a community in our industry that infrequently receives the recognition they deserve —the marketers.

While the tables were flipped over for many cybersecurity marketing teams, they quickly developed new ways (and in some cases, dusted off old ones) to continue driving critical messaging to their audiences and support their sales, business development, product, and other teams in their respective companies.

We partnered with the Cybersecurity Marketing Society to survey the community in 2021, to hear directly from them. We learned:

  • How they coped and won the day
  • What they learned and how they’re still learning
  • And how they’re stepping into 2022 with new tools and renewed energy.
Here are some major findings and themes.
How did cyber marketers stay connected and motivated?

We found that the cyber marketing sector maintains a lot of pride in the industry —largely because of the innovation and pace, but also because of the greater good served by cybersecurity in general.

Which marketing channels delivered the most value?

We asked respondents to rate the channels and tools that worked the best for them. Entering the Pandemic, where many workers lived their lives entirely through their screens, we expected that virtual events would be the number-one most-valuable channel. While events ranked up there but were not the most valuable. This blog post is a hint at number one, but for the details, you’ll have to download the full report here.

What opportunities and bets do they have for the future?

By and large, cyber marketers agreed that differentiation in the marketplace has been getting more difficult, but they identified several opportunities to innovate — and not always in the technology space. To win, they shared several needs and hopes they have for future internal collaboration, budget, and role expansion. They also placed some pretty heavy bets on what customer engagement might look like in the industry

Read the full report

We’ve only scratched the surface of the insights shared in the full survey report, which we hope you’ll download and enjoy. You can do it below.

Here’s to the community of intrepid cybersecurity marketers, and thanks to the Cybersecurity Marketing Society, for everything that they do for our industry. While nobody knows what’s ahead for cybersecurity, we can guarantee that it will never be boring.