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2022 has brought into focus the need for efficiency and effectiveness in security purchasing. Many of us who have been in the industry for a long time have heard the often-quoted statistic that enterprises have an average of 70+ tools in their security stack. Historically, there’s been no good way to understand one’s security posture based on objective data, and then optimize based on the cyber threats to any given organization. Therefore, companies have often purchased these tools without truly knowing what they need. Unfortunately, the resulting disjointed stack at many organizations has become overwhelming for the professionals in charge of them. To add insult to injury, despite the density of the arsenal deployed, performance is usually sub-optimal. 

This dynamic seems only to get worse, year after year. Traditionally, VCs like ourselves have been a part of the problem – funding more companies that fight their way into the stack without giving companies a better, data-based way to know what they need. But today, we’re turning the tables to announce our investment in a company that will help companies shrink the stack while improving performance through a completely new way to manage the defense surface: Interpres.

Interpres helps companies turn the chaos of their defense surface into something elegantly engineered and tailored to the company’s particular threat profile. With intelligence from the platform, security teams can take a threat-informed perspective to understand exactly what their current tools can detect and defend against and then consistently and iteratively improve their security posture. Interpres provides continuous analysis of defense tools and their performance.  With this intelligence, the defense surface can be optimized to help teams do more with what they have. Companies can rationalize their security budget based on hard data. In today’s economic environment, that’s a huge advantage – and one that positions security as a business driver and competitive advantage for the long term. 

We admire the team’s leadership, including CEO and co-founder Nick Lantuh and co-founders Mike Jenks, Ian Roth, and Michael Maurer. They are creating a company with an open, transparent, and trustable culture, and they believe that all organizations, large or small,  deserve to be secure. They have extensive industry experience running cybersecurity companies, and leading government security operation teams that have been recognized as the best in the nation. Their vision, commitment to excellence, and team dynamic will enable their future success. 

Today, we’re thrilled to announce our investment in a company that we believe will truly improve the effectiveness of cybersecurity by helping security teams make more informed decisions. We will assist Interpres in its mission and at every stage as they grow, helping many enterprises along the way.

If you’d like to do more with your current security stack, or if you’re interested in joining the Interpres team, find out more at and follow the company on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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